360° Consulting

Is The Way Of Life At See Change Consulting

360-degree consulting has been on the rise among management consultants over the past few years. When well designed and delivered, this method has found to be one of the most effective approaches for companies to rely on a consultant for their performance of the team and organizations.

What is 360-degree consulting?

In a nutshell, 360-degree consulting is the foundation that makes a business/management consultant’s relationship with the organization’s experiential rather than transactional. Providing a 360-degree consultation requires all hands on deck. See Change Consulting has over 100 consultants with varied skill sets at the ready to address any challenge that a client might face.

Benefits of 360-degree consulting

  • End to End Turn key Support to clients
  • Path to Profitability and Sustainable Growth Strategies
  • Establishing Robust and Proven Best Practices
  • Implementing Policies and Standardising the Process flow
  • Technology Guidance and Knowledge Transfer
  • Creating lasting relationships with the clients is crucial to both the consultant and the organization
  • Enables predictive analysis
  • Drives customer loyalty
  • Economical and Budget Friendly

How do we work?

Think of See Change as a crystal ball. When we look inside, we can see our client’s past, present and future. By understanding the past and present behaviours of our client’s organization, we take findings and map a future relationship. By using digital intelligence, we predict growth and opportunities.

One of the important components of 360-degree consulting at See Change is data collection. We collect information through online forms, one-one interviews, telephone interviews, video conferencing or a combination thereof and identify the challenges that are faced by the client. We do our homework on the client’s strengths and development needs and what needs to be done in order to achieve a higher level of performance and the impacts of our analysis and solutions. It is also important to take organizational politics into consideration while drafting our analysis and solutions. Internal and/or external stake holders may have helpful feedback to provide and inviting them to participate can send a positive message that the organization cares about them and values their feedbacks.

At every step of consultation, we ensure we collect feedback from our clients. We provide the clients with a sample report to see how their comments will be reflected on the report.

Often the process of asking questions, selecting feedback, deciding on timing, logistics and parameters can itself be an important learning opportunity for us at See Change Consulting. When it comes to 360-degree consulting, the consensus with the company and its stake holders, about how the research will be done, whom the interview will be conducted with, whom will the report be shared with and what diagnosis we arrive at is a learning in itself. Each client, each organization, each industry is different. So, our approach is tailor made and customized to fit each of our clients. Therefore, through this learning process, we too as an organization grow with our clients.

In brief, although the process might seem laborious, complex and time consuming, there is no better source of evidence for an organization’s success story than See Change Consulting.

Article written with Nithya, An Intrapreneur in making.

MKA is a vivid learner through extensive reading, field experience, domestic and international travels and research. MKA believes in knowledge sharing and dissemination. He loves to share his Experiences with Clients, at Business Forums, Entrepreneur Circles and Youth to empower for mutual growth. He is quite active in digital platforms in articulating his insights

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