Personalized Coaching for CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Sports People & Celebrities


Who should take up our coaching services?

  • You have a dream, a goal to achieve. Need support and guidance to achieve it.
  • You have tasted success. Want to keep the momentum going.
  • You have Moments of Self-doubts, Emotional, Ethical & Spiritual Crises


Coaching Services Rendered to 100s, to name a few,

What Makes Us Unique

The coaching, mentoring, conditioning support we provide comes with a spiritual spin that helps you to retain your inner spiritual and external energy levels.

Non Judgemental Stand point

Our Coaching function offers a non-judgemental stand point – no hidden agenda.

See the Big Picture

We see the big picture of the life you live, from an objective point of view.

Make Wise Decisions

We help you make wise decisions about where you’re heading.

Lead a Exuberant Life

Want to see you leading happy, enjoying your life and being as creative as you want to be.

Be Self Assured and Positive

Make you feel, safe, confident and Relaxed.

Sharpen Your Strategic Thinking

Let you sharpen your Strategic Thinking. We share Invigorating & Compelling Perspectives.

What Our Awesome Clients Say ?

We have served 1000+ Clients in Last 17 Years
“See change has been providing consultancy services for us. The knowledge provided by Mr.S.Prakash and See change is enormous and gives lot of unbiased perspectives and insights to grow our business.”

Mr. Mujibur Rahman, MD

M/s. Asian Building Materials P Ltd

“They have deep expertise in the domains they help the clients. They always bring in customization into the perspective when it comes to the clients requirements. They just don’t come with a readymade solution.”

Mr. S.G. Anil Kumar, Founder & CEO

M/s. Samunnati Financial Intermediation & Services Pvt Ltd

“One of the rarest personalities, I have come across with whom all the cardinal features of leadership, Creativity, Discipline, and Sympathy are well balanced. It’s a blessing for entrepreneurs to have such a Coach. Helped me to mature from an emotional technopreneur to a matured entrepreneur.”

Dr.Raja Amarnath, MD

M/s.CIPACA Pvt Ltd (ICU & Emergency Care)

Why is coaching effective?

By taking our coaching, mentoring and conditioning support you can actually create a life you want at home and work

Knowledge and Expertise

In hiring a coach, you are seeking to learn from someone who has knowledge and expertise in an area that is difficult for you to master.

Changing Behavioural Patterns

Hiring a coach allows an individual to learn what behavior patterns are preventing you from reaching certain goals

Unbiased Point of View

The individual can obtain an unbiased point of view from someone who can utilize the negative information to formation solutions.

You Need Coaching

As it is said, “At the end of the day, people who are high achievers, who want to continue to learn and grow and be effective-they need coaching.

S.Prakash As Your Preferred Coach

An Avid Meditator, Reader & Author, Turnaround cum Strategic Expert, Heartfulness Trainer, Success Coach Helps his clients to practice Holistic & Spiritual Leadership

Bounce Off Your Ideas

With him, the Entrepreneurs-Celebrities-HNI can bounce their ideas, views, and challenges on topics that include Business, Professional and Personal vistas.

Meant To Listen

A matured set of ears meant to listen and mind & heart meant to bounce off your thoughts & ideas, leading to enhanced clarity in your own thinking.

Broad Spectrum of Thinking

His broad spectrum of thinking helps empower Future Leaders. His immense wealth of knowledge and experience that comes to the table would be a boon for any Entrepreneur in sharpening their “6 inches between the ears!”

Multi Dimensions of Life

He can be your Preferred Coach for Multiple Dimensions of Life as he carries a rich legacy and Moral Standards of life which will unfold when you interact with him (even before the signup modalities with See Change Consulting).