Career Opportunities...
What is quality if in every one of your processes you are breaking law?
If a driver is regularly driving on the wrong side of the road can you call him a quality driver because he has a good steering control ?
If a Bank is conducting all its customer transactions on the basis of oral exchange of instructions with customers, can it qualify for Six Sigma?
If your Company does not know Can Spam Act or Data Protection Laws or Patent Laws, can you survive in the competitive global IT market?
……inconvenient questions that even major IT Companies cannot answer conclusively.
Surely, you want your Company to be Cyber Law Compliant
“ Nasscom-IDC Survey Says…Information Security Experts get 200 % higher wages”…
"Industry observers point out that security is one of the most sought after and best-paid career. ... in the US, an entry-level IS professional can command a salary of $75- 80,000 per annum, with the one at the higher-end earning somewhere around $1,50,000. In India, an IS aware professional (say a network administrator), will earn close to $35-40,000, with the top rung earning around $1,20,000 per annum."... Express Computers
More importantly, ..” Job Opportunities for IS aware professionals is around 5 times a normal IT professional” Surely, You want to be a Hot Professional! “ Business without E-Business is a thing of the past.. Auditor without Cyber Law Expertise too will soon be left in the past”
If “There is No Business without E-Business”, can there be any Audit without Computer Audit. There are many Chartered Accountants who have realized this and started acquiring Computer audit skills. But Computer Audit without Cyber Law Expertise is like driving in the City without knowing what is a traffic light.

Surely, You would like to the “Informed Auditor” beside being the “Information System Auditor”
New Career Opportunities Open Up
If you are already a qualified lawyer practicing law, it is time that you realize that in the coming days there is no dispute which does not have a Cyber Law angle. Before it is too late you need to acquire the nuances of Cyber Law. Your legal career is bound to prosper.
If you are a technology student aspiring to make a career in IT, remember that Information Security is the emerging oasis of opportunity. But to reap the benefits of the emerging opportunities you should remember that “ Information Security is Complete only with “Techno Legal Security” and not “Technical Security” alone. With Information Asset Insurance round the corner, Techno Legal Security would be the security bench mark for better insurance premia. Technology experts therefore have to quickly equip themselves with Cyber Law Knowledge to become “Techno Legal Cyber Security Experts”.
Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries have new career opportunities coming up in the areas of Computer System, Security Audit and Cyber Law Compliance Audit. Acquiring Cyber Law Expertise is the first inevitable step to reach the throne of a “Leading Computer Security Auditor” or a “ Leading Corporate Legal Consultant”. Thus whether you are a Lawyer or a Non Lawyer, an MBA or a BE, a CA or an ICS, Cyber Law expertise is the cutting edge qualification for the competitive world.
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