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Electronic download of 45 Series
Cd will be delivered in India on request at an extra cost of Rs.100 through VPP.
You too can be rich – Vol1 & Vol2
You too can Sell - Vol1 & Vol2
Direct Selling 101 Series
1. An Introduction to Selling Concepts & Terminologies
2. How to find a Prospective Buyer
3. How to prepare Yourself Effectively for the Sales Call
4. Effective Questioning Techniques to seek Buying Information - 1
5. Effective Questioning Techniques to seek Buying Information - 2
6. How to make Effective Impact Statements to attract Buyer's Attention
7. Role of Salesman as a Problem Solver
8. Price is never an Issue in Selling
9. How to read a Customer like an Open Book
10. How to Negotiate a WIN-WIN Deal
11. What it takes to be a SUPER SALESMAN - 1
12. What it takes to be a SUPER SALESMAN - 2
Self Talk Series
1. Self Talk Introduction
2. Realising the Power of Self Talk through Self Talk

Self Talk for Achieving your Goals

4. Self Talk for Attracting Abundance
5. Self Talk for Attracting Universal Love
6. Self Talk for Becoming More Responsible
7. Self Talk for Becoming Spiritual
8. Self Talk for Bedtime Listening
9. Self Talk for Buying a Good House
10. Self Talk for Better Control While Driving
11. Self Talk for Positive Daily Living
12. Self Talk for Overall Improvement
13. Self Talk for Thinking and Growing Rich
14. Self Talk for Improving Health
15. Self Talk for Bringing Luck into Your Life
16. Self Talk for Discovering Life's Purpose
17. Self Talk to Stop Smoking
18. Self Talk for Morning Motivation
19. Self Talk for Memory Improvement
20. Self Talk for Peace and Harmony in Your Life
21. Self Talk for Better Self Organisation
22. Self Talk for Building Your Self Esteem
23. Self Talk for Creating Physical Power
24. Self Talk for Effective Selling
25. Self Talk for Freedom from Worry
26. Self Talk for Proper Eating Habits
27. Self Talk for Solving Problems
28. Self Talk for Creating a Powerful Self Image of Confidence
29. Self Talk for Creating Powerful Relationships

Self Talk for Creating Wealth and Financial Abundance

31. Self Talk for Subconscious Programming