Who is the Coach?

  • He elevates people and organisations to peak levels of effectiveness, by pinpointing avenues for positive change, uncovers untapped knowledge / expertise and removes obstacles to progress.
  • He provides individual “Coaching” to all his clients on various issues, challenges, change, competencies, relationships and general well-being – in both their business and personal lives. He is backed by a capable team comprising of many equally talented members.
  • He has this extraordinary ability of x-ray listening and asks profound, insightful questions and has this almost magical way that opens people up to parts of them they’ve never experienced…..as well as really creative, strong parts of them and an awareness’s they’ve never expressed and what else is possible for them….Increase or transform the quality of your life, experience fulfillment and innate well-being, achieve impossible WOW dreams, goals, more quickly than you ever thought possible.

    Sounding Board - A Perspective:
  • Business Owners & Decision makers need someone to talk to, just like anyone else. Specifically so when they are surrounded by people “who would rather tell them what they like to listen rather than telling them what they must be listening”.
  • This is why in today’s Business World, Biz Owners are turning more and more to Social & Family circles for bouncing off their thoughts, ideas & even problems.
  • While many Entrepreneurs include an “External Advisor” in decision-making, too many still don’t.
  • For an Entreprenur who say that their senior people simply aren’t of the caliber to earn that level of involvement, there is only one answer, “Turn to someone from outside who is of that caliber.”
  • Identifying the Right Coach is the PIVOTAL step

    Are Entrepreneurs any different?

    Entrepreneurs are not immune to pitfalls, doubts & questions.

    Their high public profile makes it difficult for them to make the right choices.

    Balancing their hectic schedules, Managing Teams, Managing Multiple Business profiles, managing investors, stake holders, balancing act with Family, Relations etc

    Those who mill around Entrepreneurs have their own agenda and it might not be possible to get a “Honest” opinion that you deserve.

    And, as new people come into a Entrepreneur’s life, it takes longer for them to learn to trust them than before.

    Why would an Entrepreneur need a Coach?

    Moments of Self-doubts, Emotional, Ethical, Spiritual Crises – all these need an experienced heart and mind to listen and provide the right perspectives for the Celebrity to avoid an “Emotional and Mental Cesspool”.

    Entrepreneurs need someone to talk to, just like anyone else. This is why, in today’s high octane world, Entrepreneurs are turning more and more to Social & Family circles for bouncing off their thoughts, ideas & even problems.

    The Impact of the Sounding Board & External Coaching Support

  • Personal & Confidential sessions focusing on individual reflection.
  • Sharpening of your ‘strategic thinking’.
  • Sharing of Invigorating & Compelling Perspectives.
  • Accelerating your personal and organisational growth.

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