FIRE² Consulting Model

How does our FIRE² Consulting Model work?

FIRE² is an organically grown & a proprietary model of SCC. It is not just a model; it is a business philosophy – a way of Life.

A Brief look at the compelling steps of FIRE²:

F – Find: This is where SCC steps in – the exploration or the “Find” stage. We find the real issues, the problems, the opportunities and many more. This is the real challenge in a true consulting approach. Being able to find what is to be found is half the battle won!
I – Innovate: Ideas galore! This is the time to wear the “Thinking Cap” and tap into the creative geniuses of the Organisation. This is also the time to find the answer to the MDQ or BDQ (Million or Billion Dollar Question) – how to crack the Da Vinci Code? How to find the right, yet apt solution to the problem, challenge or opportunity at hand? As was aptly said by Arthur Schopenhauer “Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see“. We help the organisation to find targets that apparently don’t exist when the search begins but invariably a “spark of genius” lets you find it.
R – Regroup: Having the options and ideas on hand is one thing; converting the same into Goals, as a Fool Proof Action Plan and into a healthy Process for sustained long term use is another. The famed, no-nonsense, logical side of our Consulting Arm takes over here. We let you and your teams convert these great ideas into Measurable Goals and further break them down as Fool Proof Action Plans and help you further convert them into Sustainable, Repeatable Processes.
E – Execute: This is the action mode. Right from establishing some “Quick Wins” and taking you towards the desired end objective, we work closely with your team to ensure that the desired and pre-set end objectives are achieved. Necessary course corrections are administered should we find newer challenges and opportunities while the Plan unfolds into Action.
E – Exit: For any sustainable long term benefit to the organisation, we must also ensure a properly timed “Exit” path. A time by when the project would have successfully completed and the Organisation accrues the benefits; a time by when SCC too makes an Exit after having successfully seen the project through to its logical end, the choice having been made by the client.

With the FIRE² Model in place, we approach every task with the same precision – Be it Training, Coaching or wholesome Consulting. FIRE² ™ provides us and the client the building blocks necessary to tackle all these tasks with ease. We deploy our Trainers, Faculties, Facilitators, Coaches or Consultants on a “Need to deploy” basis, bringing excellent ROI to clients thus protecting their investments.

We have been breaking new ground in our Turnkey work for many years now. Our holistic approach has been enabling us to secure the success of our clients and in achieving real business results.

The 4 guiding principles of SCC which forms the backbone of our successful approach are:
Maintain an outsider’s objectivity while applying an insider’s Knowledge of the organization
Build relationships while being up-front about challenges and issue
Design a role to fit the client’s needs and the organizational situation
Handle roadblocks and deal effectively with difficult challenges and / Or internal clients

With SCC, please be rest assured of certainty and that you will experience your requirements being met on time, within budget and with high quality. We deliver greater efficiency and are responsive to your business needs.

We welcome you; let us explore the FIRE² together.