HR – Turn it as a Profit Centre

Can HR be transformed into a SBU?

It has been a MDQ (Million Dollar Question) in the minds of SME / MSME owners, Entrepreneurs, Medium to Large Enterprises’ Top Executives & CEOs. Is it possible that the HR, traditionally a Cost-centre, be converted to a Profit-Centre? Better still, into a SBU (Strategic Business Unit)?

See Change Consulting (SCC for short) shows you that it is very much a possibility. By bringing a better internal shift and alignment, the HR Function is enabled to achieve this. We do this by working upon the alignment of strategy, operations, teams and individuals and hence helping organisations to design and implement tailored PMS / BSC (Performance Management Systems / Balanced Score Card).

measure_success  Benefits of Strategic PMS / BSC

The design and implementation of a strategic PMS follows simple rules – First articulate your strategy and understand its effect; Second agree activities for enabling change in the organisation, and Third / last, take steps and set targets that allow you to know whether the required actions are being taken and if they are having the right effect.

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