Right Choice Your Career

Know Your Passion Quotient

Some of the questions running in your minds: 
  • Am I making the right career option?
  • Do I know what my Pedigree is, so that I can sharpen / hone my skills further – in that area?
  • Is there a scientific way to know what the right fit is – for “My Career?”
  • What stream of Education / Studies to choose for my Graduation or Further Studies?
  • What exactly is “My Aptitude?”
  • How to ensure that I don’t spend all my life pursuing an education which won’t be my real career choice?

Are these the questions that are running in your mind as a School Student, College Graduate or someone wanting to know the answer to –

 “Where will my REAL Career be?”

See Change Consulting’s (SCC in short), “Right Choice Your Career” (RCYC Solutions) has interesting answers to your above questions. We know exactly what every organisation looks for in “any recruit”. We put the horse where it should belong to – “In front of the cart”.

You are hired for one of the following functional traits, at any level of the organisation – It doesn’t matter what the title of the Job is – you are expected to do / exhibit one of the following four functional traits!

Delivers – Those who deliver results under all circumstances.

Governs – Those who stick to the rule book and ensure full compliance in all that they are expected to do.

Creates – Those who are visionaries and creative; knows where the Organization has to be in the future and believe they can lead you there.

Synthesizes – Those who can Synergize, Motivate and Hold Teams together in the onward journey.

Presto! – SCC now makes this into a scientific process and gives you a simplified analysis cum report to show your pre-dominant functional trait – “D” or “G” or “C” or “S”. This makes life easier for you – at least in making the right study / career choice. You can profile yourself through an easy “30 minute” self-evaluation “Online-test”. Presto! You take the test and you get a result – in your email inbox – which gives your – pre-dominant trait – as a report.

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