Top 5 Services we extend:

(1) Superior Training.  
(2) Executive Coaching
(3) FIRE² Consulting - Turnaround
(4) Corporate Sounding Board
(5) P-TIP - Path to Increased Profitability

How does See Change Consulting approach “Training Methodology”?

1. Discover
2. Explore Customer Requirements
3. Create Training Plan
4. A successful training project
5. Creating sample
Build Phase
7. Delivery Phase
8. File preparation
Delivery to client
10. Feedback


The Impact of Coaching:
  • Sharpening of your ‘strategic thinking’
  • Sharing of Invigorating & Compelling Perspectives
  • Accelerating your personal and organisational growth
  • Personal sessions focusing on individual reflection
  • From Where You are to Where You want to be

The steps involved in SCC’s approach to Executive Coaching are:

  1. Describe the problem.
  2. Ask for the employee's help in solving the problem.
  3. Discuss the causes of the problem.
  4. Identify and list down possible solutions.
  5. Decide on specific action(s) to be taken by each of the participants.
  6. Agree on a specific follow-up date.
Why P-TIP (Path To Increased Profitability)? 
  • Increased Competitive Pressures
  • Shrinking Margins
  • While Top Lines are being met, Bottom Lines are consistently taking hits
  • Market forces are dynamically and constantly changing
  • Need to Work Differently and Consistently to shore up Bottom Lines!
We Help YOU to Develop:
  • Exponential Vision
  • Organisational Strategy
  • Goals
  • Fool Proof Action Plan
  • Orient a PMS Policy
  • BSCs for the entire organisation
  • 360 Degree & Periodical Appraisal approach
  • L & D cum Executive Coaching
  • Motivational Plan