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Why do you need my SBA Service?

  • I help my Clientele Businesses to have a #Sustainable #Growth & #People-Centric Organisation with a strategic focus on Incremental #Growth on both #Topline and #Bottomline, year on year.
  • I integrate 100's of Indian Home Grown #Domain #Experts who have demonstrated history and skills in Turning around the Businesses to #Grow #Faster and #Smarter.

What do i do to Achieve this?

  • Establish Executable Strategies, Automate Your Business & Create Global Network

How does it get unfolded?

  • Co Travelling with Management,Team Members, & Stake holders including your Customers

SBA Team Consists of Business Strategy | Organization Strategy | Marketing and Brand Strategy | Customer Acquisition Strategy Operations Strategy | Digital & Technology Strategy | Product & Service Strategy | Working Capital Strategy | Fund Raising | Connecting the Dots in all Functions of the Business.


Author – 36 Golden Rules | Chairman-MSME & ICT Sub Committee, ACC | Founder & Master Connector, Lumen Network

Service Motto: I don’t offer mere Service but, identify the Institutional void and provide Strategic Advice.

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Strategic Business Advisor @ SIAWED BUSINESS MEET 2020

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Does your barrier to SCALE fall into any of these BUCKETS?

Raising Funds

Fundraising or fund-raising is the process of seeking and gathering voluntary financial contributions by engaging individuals, businesses, charitable foundations...

Lack of 2nd Line Leadership

Most heads of organizations, founders and owners express that grooming engineers or professionals to be leaders is their greatest concern.

Weak Marketing Strategy

An ineffective advertising campaign that fails to generate sales or brand recognition is an example of a marketing weakness.

Stagnating Top line

Companies need to be careful about having too high a contrast between recurring revenue and top-line revenue on their balance sheet, as this will look like market stagnation to investors…

Entrepreneur dependent Biz

For those owner-dependent businesses, the guiding philosophy is to generate the best income possible each year and allow the founder to take out the profits as current income and retirement savings.

Struck with Outstanding payments

An outstanding payment refers to the outstanding unpaid balance of the current amount due. The interest-bearing balance of a loan or product or service bought on credit from a company.

Rising internal conflicts and silos

At its worst, silo mentality can point to adversarial dynamics between teams and their leads. It points to internal conflict, either between management as they fight over limited resources or compete to rise to the upper echelons of your organization.

Losing to Competition. Not Knowing Why?

Nothing is more frustrating than losing out to your competitors. We can help identify why you are losing business to the competition and how to fix it.

Fear on New Investments

One of the biggest fears they have is that of losing money. ... In this way, they will gradually pivot toward the new investment strategy.

Consulting - Success Stories – Quick Client Reference

MSME Client (Retail Industry) Asian Glass House 2 ABMPL Pvt Ltd, Ramnad, TN

Problem Statement by an Entrepreneur

“CHANGE MY small business into a professionally run enterprise”.

Before See Change:

A hardware retail show room. The Business functioned in an Un-Organised fashion. Being small in nature, with a headcount of 100+

After See Change:

100’s of challenges turned into opportunities & in a matter of 2 Years, the business grows to be a Professional Enterprise with 4 Profit Centre Heads

Mission Accomplished:

A Happy Entrepreneur witnessing greater ROI and growth!

MSME Client (Export Industry) Production, Enterprise Client ( Food Industry) RajKumar Impex, Tuticorin, TN

Problem Statement by the Management:

Production Challenge & An unmotivated Workforce

Before See Change:

Having a head count of 1200, a Cashew Manufacturing unit with Semi Automated Machinery. Current Production: 27 MT/Per Day as against 120 MT /day Capacity

After See Change:

Production increase upto to 90 MT/Day in just 3 months.Functional Experts from our team deployed on-ground to revamp existing management practices and resolve internal conflicts.Created checks and controls to and set up defined processes to run the factory.

Beneficiaries & Learning Videos

Brands We Serve

100’s of MSMEs and Mid-Cap organisations, PAN India

SEE CHANGE Team has been delivering Target driven leadership interventions and Assessment center, L&D , OD Interventions to Spot the Next level leaders and C-Suite empowerment as part of the Change Management Practices