TNA is pivotal to Save your Investments in Current Uncertain Business Scenario

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L&D Heads and Training Heads candidly mention these points when they wish to validate training org or trainers for conducting programs for their team members,
    1. 1. We don’t need a trainer but a Transformation Agent to really create an impact in the program which must be seen at work after the sessions.
    2. 2. If the Process improvement is felt and people’s behavior is changed in some way whatever little, we consider it is impactful.
    3. 3. We want to create metrics to present it to our mgmt as to how the training intervention can contribute towards the profitability of the organization in various ways though not directly but with some basic logic.

SEE CHANGE always felt and suggest that the solution to all these points lies from a STRUCTURED TNA (Training Need Analysis) Process.

Hence our team is Constantly enhancing and sharpening our deliveries towards a market-driven approach and meet our customer sentiments for mutual growth and sustainable relationship.

Article authored by ‘SEE CHANGE’ Anand (Strategic Business Advisor, See Change Consulting, India). He is reachable at:

Note: Clients open up more only when you have built sufficient trust (understanding) and respect(capabilities) quotient.

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