How did I bring SEE CHANGE in the client’s assignment?

How did I bring SEE CHANGE in the client’s assignment?

Many growing midcap organizations fail to understand the difference between Strategy and Execution. This is where Strategic Business Advisor plays a vital role. We need to know the ethos of the organization, especially if the business owner himself is a CEO.

I have been invited by an organization that is into the life care product business. The mgmt said we have an excellent team on the field, but I found that the challenge is not at the bottom but at the top. The MD of the organization used to deal with every aspect of the business as he could not let go of trivial aspects. He was not aware of his Strategic Work and often used to get trapped in mundane and repetitive tasks. Hence the business could not scale-up.

The first thing I did was to find the Middle Layer which needs an enterprising leader who can manage both top and juniors sufficiently enough.

I started meeting them twice a month and brought the system in place and empowered them to monitor and manage themselves. The ability to tie a knot between Strategy and Execution is my Solution. This is one of my success stories as a Strategic Business Advisor.

Article authored by ‘SEE CHANGE’ Anand (Strategic Business Advisor, See Change Consulting, India). He is reachable at:

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