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India has around 5 Million MSMEs spread across all states. In order to cater SCC’s MSME Services, we have come up with a model called Success Partners singup. We wish to associate with self employed, professionals, entrepreneurs and NGOs to be part our success partnerships.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If there was no deadline, nothing gets done. The 90 Days Challenge is more akin to focusing the entire Internal Energy and Execution Talent of the Organisation, with our Support, in doing things which matter the most to increase profits. Imagine the slog overs of a T-20 Cricket Match. As the time-line pressure increases, the adrenalin forces the team to somehow cross the line. It is See Change Consulting’s Philosophy that “Going Beyond Boundaries” can be made a habit by pushing oneself SMART and Hard. We focus all energy on just one thing in the 90 days “Cut Cost by 10%” in 90 Days. It will have results that can surprise you, in a positive way.
In the fast paced world of IT (Information Technology), smarter are those who deploy tools to do the work faster and in a lean way. If you can get it done at 1/30th the cost, why pay more? With this question in mind, SCC (short for See Change Consulting) went about scaling up the concept. We removed the distance barriers (like travel, stay etc. which tends to increase the cost), we removed the complexity barriers (by bringing in our 100s of Man Years of Expertise to capture and do data analytics, matching International Consulting Firms’ Standards) and the construct barriers (why analyse case by case, where 85% of Organisational Challenges are similar across business verticals). This resulted in a thin, on-line, back-end process based model, which gives you world-class data and solution analytics, at a fraction of cost. You get a report with which you can, yourself, manage to solve many of the challenges your organisation faces. If not, SCC is always there.
We can help you with this, on a case to case basis. Needs and demands drive such markets and we are open to supporting you on this front.
Keeping PAN India SME presence in mind, we have already made the reports available in English, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu.
Since we analyse all possible avenues that a business has to stand-well in (based on the research our team carried out on leading Organisations across the globe, of various sizes), we are equipped to support almost all business areas
The testimonials can be found in the other sections of this file. The pre-dominant benefit the customer gets is a quick check on all basic business parameters. We have ran through these reports with SMEs and Mid-cap Companies and, with surprising accuracy, we were able to hit the nail on its head (as the saying goes). You get a bird’s eye view of the major areas of concern for your Organisation, ranging from Finance, HR, Marketing, Service, Sales, Inventory and many more.
This is done on a “Request to” basis, normally on a phone call by one of Panel Experts.
We are open to such a support, with a Cost-neutral, Pay Forward Model in place to make it easier for you to avail this service.
Of course! This is where, the expertise of SCC comes in. Based on the kind of engagement you wish to have, we can do it as Short, Medium or Long term interventions. Please do reach out to our Team for further details on this.
  • Training (Behavioural, Technical and Functional)
  • Coaching (Executive and Group Coaching)
  • Turn Around Consulting (Pro-Active and Reactive Consulting)

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