About Us

See Change Consulting, one of the leading Knowledge Management Partners(KMP) for MNCs -Corporates and Growth Management Partners(GMP) for Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) based out of Chennai, India.

Company Overview

It serves MNCs and Corporate Houses with Coaching and Training Services as a Knowledge Management Partner(KMP). It has a smart business model and has roped in 100+ experts from various fields who work on a project basis.

They help MSMEs overcome the topline and bottom-line challenges, arranging finance, working on the capital issue, gaps in marketing and sales. By designing a complete platform for MSMEs to decide where they are and where they want to go to grow, we bring the subject experts, create the solutions and bring our panel of experts together. On an average, we engage 4-8 consultants depending on the project. See Change is also being invited by Biggies of the Consulting World to support their Indian Projects.

SCC has simultaneously stepped-up focus on SME and today we can proudly say having completed and handled more than 500 enterprises, whose revenues range from ₹50 lakh to ₹5,000 crore.

See Change works on a proof-of-concept model and offer companies solutions to show them what it can do. There are two kinds of enterprises, See Change deal with – Sick firms and ones that have the capability, but are not hitting the curve. In sick cases, See Change helps them rebuild, approach financial organizations and suggest other revival measures. In the second, it shows them how they could reach to the level they want to.

SCC’s Journey

A lot can happen over coffee. That is what S Prakash and MK Anand, who were selling IT products and running a software company respectively, found out when they met for a cup of coffee. That is when they hit upon the idea of floating See Change, a consulting company to provide Growth Support to micro, small and medium enterprises and Knowledge Support to Corporates and MNCs.

Their journey started at Chennai in early 2000 when Anand wanted to request Prakash to take a dealership for his IT company. “When we met, Prakash gave his book to Anand “You too can sell” and the contents of the book matched the thought Anand had on offering training consulting to MSMEs, Corporates and MNCs. They discussed the possibility of having a platform to share our knowledge and help MSMEs that can’t afford the big consulting firms. We floated See Change Consulting in 2002,” and the rest is History.

The business started off with Intel Singapore approaching them. See Change conducted Art of Goal setting sessions for 1,000 Channel CEOs of Genuine Intel dealers at Intel channel in 2003. For this 5-city programme, See Change was paid $1,000 per city.

SCC’s Founders

S. Prakash

Co-Founder | CEO | Coach | Author | Heartfulness Trainer

M. K. Anand

Co-Founder | Strategic Business Advisor | Heartfulness Trainer

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